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Ourkin is an enthusiast social network platform. Built on open social principles, it powers rich conversations and unique communities around any given theme. Communities which share a collective common interest, from a global issue to a passion for a brand, sport or personality and everything in between.

No longer house your community in a one dimensional page, group or hashtag on external platforms out of your control. OurKin can run on your domain name, allowing the community to foster deeper, richer connections through vertical specific and unique experiences.


Follow content you're most interested in. Start a private or public channel and open up communication between all users. Channels allow for true engagement, interaction and transparency.

In-channel and direct chat

Make connections through lightweight conversations. Initiate new Chats in multiple ways such as surrounding a public channel topic, within a private group or one on one.

The user experience is designed to highlight interconnectivity. Through our proprietary tagging engine, we look to understand and expose relationships between objects within OurKin.

Integrate with Shopify

Looking to host a shop in your community space? We can set you up with Shopify intergation allowing you to sell your goods directly through the app.

Integrate with Social

Integrate your YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Blog to your community. Posts appear under your community profile.


Bringing the facts

The most unimportant things you'll never need to know. Now within an OurKin community. Grab the app and follow facts you're most interested in.


"Opening up a new world of genuine connection through shared passions for the things we love."
Steve Pascoe, CTO

Creator Generation

An online community just for content creators. Connecting creators to a global creator community to share knowledge, unlock opportunities and build global connections.


OurKin is multidimensional like no other

To get started or to learn more about our offering, please feel free to get in touch.

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